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Feb 2019

Building Musical Theater in Lima, Peru

I can't believe that another theater gig is taking me overseas!  I'm heading to Peru to help a start-up theater company get on their feet, and to do the choreography for their upcoming show!  

Dec 2019

"Let it Snow" tap video!

Check out the video my talented cast put together to "Let It Snow!"  This cast is seriously amazing, and I had a blast with them! Click the picture to check it out!

Dec 2018

Christmas at Little Theater on the Square

I'm so excited to head back to my first theater family to perform in and dance captain their Christmas show!  It's been 5 years since I've been back there, so I'm looking forward to reuniting with them.  

Co-choreographing White Christmas

I'm heading down to my hometown in Dallas to choreograph the tap numbers in White Christmas at Firebrand Theater.  I can't wait to work with the amazing artists of Dallas!

Check out the Broadway World article by clicking this posting!

Sept 2018

I'm a Honey Tap!!!

I'll now be tap tap tapping my way around Chicagoland area parties as a Honey Tap!  We perform fun dances at gigs around this city!

July 2018

Directing and Choreographing Millie

I'm off to Santa Cruz, California to direct and choreograph Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. I can't even being to say how excited I am!  

June 2018

Another Day of Sun

I got to perform as well while in China!  One of my favorites was getting to do "Another Day of Sun" from La La Land!

March 2018

Building Musical Theater in China

And just like that, I am heading out to Shanghai, China to build musical theater programs for kids at schools.  This job came unexpectedly and quickly, but I cannot wait to see what this journey brings!  Follow my Instagram for photos and updates!

February 2018

Partner Dance Scholarship

I got a scholarship to study partner dance at the studio May I Have This Dance! So I am studying- Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Waltz, Rumba, Swing, Hustle, West Coast, Fox Trot... and hopefully more!

I love love love partner dance, and can't wait to see where this goes!

Jan 2017

Photography Shoots

I'm starting to do photo sessions!  So lets get together for some shots!  I like doing special skills like shooting bow and arrow, juggling, or playing instruments.   I also just like doing style shoots around the city!  And now, I am starting boudoir shoots, because everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin.  Message me if you're interested!

Nov 2017

Sleeping Beauty at the Marriott

You guys!  You have to go see this show as it's so cute and so good!  I'm having  fun understudying two characters, and watching the kids laugh their way through this show!  

Oct 2017

The new 42nd Street at Drury Lane

A new version of 42nd Street, different then ever done before with contemporary orchestrations and rhythm tap.  I love getting to hoof each night with this insanely talented cast.

Sept 2017

European Travel

I just got back from: Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, and England!

And the best part was, my dad got to join me for some of it!  Cheers to new learning experiences from other cultures!

Sept 2017

National Geographic Photography Class

I'm heading to Switzerland to take a photography class with a Nat Geo photographer!  The scenery and food are going to amazing for sure, but hopefully I leave with some new skills!

Aug 2017

Wedding Style Shoot

Today, I posed for a wedding styled shoot for my good friend Karissa Barney!  I had a lot of fun getting "Congratulations" from observing strangers!

July 2017

Co- directing and Choreographing "Singing in the Rain" Jr.

I love sharing tap, and now I get to teach a bunch of kids how to tap in one of my favorite shows!  These kids are pretty amazing!

June 2017

Co-directing and Choreographing Les Mis

Spending the summer working out on the coast of California choreographing and co-directing shows for kids!  Les Mis is a big one, as we are doing the full version!!!!!

May 2017

Dancers of NY shoot

I had the privilege of shooting with James Jin Images from Dancers of NY!  He's pretty incredible!  Check him out!

April 2017

She Loves Me at the Marriott

I'm swinging the women and men in She Loves Me, another charming, heartwarming show to add to the list!  It's been fun going on for different characters and doing different tracks!

February 2017

Norway and Sweden

My best friend and I went to Norway and Sweden through our blogs!  We had six collaborations with companies over there which was really exciting!  We hope to continue to do more trips like that!

December 2016

Nutcracker at Marriott

I've loved working on this TYA show, spending some mornings making kids giggle and cheer.  Bringing theater to kids is so fulfilling!  

October 2016

Singing in the Rain at the Marriott

This show has brought so much joy into my life and hopefully to our audience's as well!  What an amazing cast to spend the holiday season with!

August 2016

Back Packing South America

I'm just getting back from another back packing adventure full of learning about the world and its wonders and meeting incredible people.  Travel is hugely important to me, because I think we learn so much about people, the universe, and about ourselves. We learn to adore and respect the beautiful differences in cultures and ways of life.  I adventured to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, and Puerto Rico and even went to the Olympic games!  I will be updating my blog periodically with things from this trip and more tips on how you can do it too!

July 2016

Bringing 42nd Street Home to Texas

Never has anything been so special then to tour through my hometown.  We performed both at Music Hall in Dallas and Bass Hall in Ft Worth.  I was lucky to have family, best friends, teachers, childhood friends, mentors, neighbors, and more all come to the show.  I taught master classes and spent time with my dogs.  It was magical.  

June 2016

Gene Kelly The Legacy

Patricia Ward Kelly, Gene Kelly's wife, invited us over for dinner and to look through her Gene Kelly archives.  It was a once in a life-time opportunity to hear her tell stories about him and see his orginal scores, scripts, pictures, etc.

Here is me holding his original Singing in the Rain score, with his had written choreography notations on it! WOW!

June 2016

The Pantages in LA

It was a blast returnign back to LA, but this time performing on the stage instead of film!

The Pantages was a dream!  The audiences were probably our best yet!

May 2016

Teaching a 42nd Street tour Master Class

I had the priveledge to pass my love of this show and tap on to some pretty talented kids in Scranton, PA during a master class I taught.  I was so proud of how much they learned, and how excited they were to dance!

Thanks Broadway in Scranton for having me!

March 2016

Broadway in Chicago instagram takeover

Broadway in Chicago asked me to do an instagram takeover for their account!, I was so thrilled and excited!  Check out @broadwayinchicago to see me and cast members running around, and segwaying around, downtown Chicago as well as some backstage sneak peaks!

March 2016

The Cadillac Palace in Chicago

It is an honor to bring this tour to Chicago to perform at a downtown theater in my community.  How special to combine those worlds together.  I've been missing my chicago theater community, so it's so wonderful to be here!

January 2016

Dance Duet

On the road, we like to create our own work too!

We just released a duet video of me dancing with my amazingly talented bus buddy, Brady Miller.

Choreographed by my other castmate Lamont Brown, who never ceases to amaze me with his creations.

Click here to watch!

November 2015

"I'm Sorry" Music Video

The ladies of our cast learned the choreography of Justin Beiber's "I'm Sorry" music video!  Check it out!  

Hint: I'm in the red shorts and green hat :)

click here for the video

Septemper 2015

The 42nd Street National Tour has now opened!

We opened our tour in Salt Lake City, and I was lucky enough to have friends and family there to share in the special memory.  Now on for another 250+ shows aroudn the country.

September 2015

Tech in Yakima, Washington

I can't wait to share this show with the country!  We are adding in our costumes, sets, lights, and other tech elements.  I'm already in love with my orange tap shoes 

August 2015

The 42nd Street National Tour Rehearsals in NYC!!!

Rehearsals are underway!  It's pretty special rehearsing in Times Square, and learning original Broadway choreography from Randy Skinner himself!  

May 2015

Master Class

I couldn't have loved these kids more!  What a joy it was to choreograph for them and dance with them!

May 2015

Rooftop Dancing

Sometimes you dance on rooftops for fun! Video available in media section.

April 2015

Hairspray at Mill Mountain

I had the best time playing Tammy, dance captaining, and understudying Amber and Penny!!!! What a fun show!  And I am now in love with Roanoke, Virginia!

March 2015

42nd Street National Tour

I am excited to announce that I will be performing on the National Tour of 42nd Steet.  The show is going to be directed by co-author Mark Bramble and choreographed by Randy Skinner, who both set the tony-nominated Broadway Revival!  Rehearsals start in August, and we are on the road for a year!

Feb 2015


Happy to spend 2 weeks in NYC taking class and auditioning!!!  I left NYC with a new job :)  Announcement to come in the future!!!

Jan 2015

The Who's Tommy at Paramount

Oh man! This is show is just all around so beautiful.  The directing, choreography, light designs, everything..... I am having the time of my life performing with this cast in this incredible show!

October 2014

Swing at the Wick Theatre

Swing at the Wick Theatre in Boca Raton, Florida has been incredible.  Singing old standards like "Hit me with a Hot Note" and being swung around every day is a blast!!

September 2014

Fantastic Fest

Fantastic Fest sure lives up to its name.  Came down for the premiere of V/H/S Viral and had a week full of kareoke, food fights, boxing, and other wild parties.  

September 2014

Toronto International Film Festival

I spent almost two weeks in Toronto at Tiff for the premeire of Spring!  Met some pretty amazing filmmakers and saw some fantastic movies!

August 2014

European Adventures

Took the time after performing in Edinburgh to travel!  Went to Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Cologne, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Rothenburg, Munich, Fussen, Salzburg, Dachau, Berlin, Amsterdam, Loch Ness, Isle of Skye, Toronto, Niagra Falls, and Montreal.  I saw some amazing wonders of the World!

August 2014

We have arrived in Edinburgh

We have arrived and are ready to open!

July 2014

Who Rowed Across Oceans

This is a picture from rehearsals.  This play is going to be gorgeous.  I cannot wait to share this show with Chicago and then with the world in Edinburgh!

June 2014

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

I am so excited to start rehearsals for "Who Rowed Across Oceans" here in Chicago.  Come see some run throughs here in Chicago, or if you're feeling adventurous, come out to SCOTLAND!


May 2014

Young Presidents Organization

I have the priviledge of working high end corporate events through my entertainment agency Redmink Productions.  This one was for the Young Presidents Organiztion.  Chicago themed, so naturally they did a Playboy Club themed event!

May 2014

OMS Commercial Shoot

Filmed a commercial out of New York for Oral Surgery with SpotOn company.  :)  Lots of smiling during the shoot!  Once available, it will be in the media section!

March 2014

New York

I decided to spend the spring in New York city- give it a test run, explore its possibilities, and learn from its opportunities.  Day One- I met Bryan Cranston, and had the priveledge and honor to chat with him and see him in All The Way on Broadway!  I'd say thats a good start to my trip!

February 2014

42nd Street at the Paramount

What a blessing it has been to be a part of this stunning show!  The Cast and Crew couldn't have been a better combination of motivating and inspirational artists.  I am leaving this experience with a full and happy heart!

December 2013

New Years Eve Performer

Every year on New Years Eve, I get hired to cage dance at a huge city party in Chicago.  Lots of fun to dance the night away into the new year!

November 2013

ABC's The Middle

Here's a screen shot of me playing the setter on The Middle!!!

November 2013

Modeling at the Waldorf Astoria

Modeled at an event in the ballroom! I especially loved the hair piece they gave me, and had a blast meeting people and dancing at the end of the event.

November 2013

LA Successes

Sad to be leaving LA.  I was able to work on films, tv shows, web series, and commercials.  

Check out the "Media" page for some clips or the "Photos" page for some stills!



October 2013

Doritos Spec Commerical

I got cast in a Doritos Commercial for the Superbowl Contest!  

September 2013

Music Video

I got cast in a music video one of my first weeks out here in LA!  Just a day of fun and dancing!

September 2013

Off to LA

I will be spending the next two months exploring the world of Los Angeles.  Hoping to work on some small projects, meet great people, audition like crazy, and learn more about the film business.  Well, here I go!


PS- Im related to Janet Leigh!

August 2013

Great Gatsby

I perform and entertain at multiple corporate events.  Here is a shot from a glamorous Great Gatsby event!

August 2013

Little Theatre on the Square

This summer, I performed in Anything Goes, Will Rodgers Follies, Monty Python's Spamalot, and Snow White at The Little Theatre on the Square.  That theatre and town have become family.  I loved every minute of being on that stage.  Each of the shows have become a new favorite!

Some pictures under the "Photo" tab.

April 2013

A Night with Billy Crystal

I performed at an event called "A Night With Billy Crystal" where I got to sing songs from movies like "I Dreamed a Dream," "Hopelessly Devoted to You," and "There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This!"  Had a great time!

March 2013

Belle <3

I get to be Belle again, my favorite Disney Princess.  This time I will be performing at Theatre at the Center.  I love sharing magic with kids. So excited!

February 2013

Music Video

Just filmed a lead part in a new music video!  More info after it is released!

February 2013

Les Mis in Rehearsals

 Les Mis has been going wonderfully. The cast is amazing and have voices that bring tears to my eyes every day in rehearsals. It is truly a special show!

Here is a link to some clips from our First staging rehearsal. I can only imagine how phenomenal this show will be by the time we open.

January 2013


Filmed a neat project called Memories!  I'm looking forward to seeing the final product!

January 2013

Next Up: 42nd Street!

I am excited to announce that I will be starting rehearsals in December for 42nd Street at the Parmount Theatre!  Shows run January 15 - February 9. Visit the Paramount website for ticket information!

January 2013

CookING Under Pressure

Check out the video of the flashmob I choreographed and participated in, as well as the interview I did for the webseries CookING Under Pressure!!! 

December 2012

Annie at the Paramount Reviews

“…one of the best night outs that your kids will enjoy this holiday season…rivaling the best that are downtown, maybe even on Broadway, at at least half the price…highly recommended” – Dean Richards / WGN-TV Radio

“…better than the current Broadway Annie” – Chris Jones / Chicago Tribune Dean Richards / WGN-TV Radio
“…true genius…easily could become a national touring edition of Annie” – Hedy Weiss / Chicago Sun-Times
“Highly Recommended****” – Alan Bresloff / Around The Town Chicago
“…a first-rate extravaganza for the holidays…one of the best productions around” – Margaret Eva / Chicago Critic
“…unquestionably a big holiday gift for audiences” – Scott Morgan / Daily Herald

November 2012

Follies wins at the Jeff Awards!

Follies at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre won 6 Jeff Awards!!!  The top winner of the year!
Best Musical, Best Director (Gary Griffin), Best Music Director (Brad Haak), Best Actress (Caroline O'Conner), Best Supporting Actress (Hollis Resnik), and Best Costume Design (Virgil C. Johnson).

So proud to have been a part of it!

October 2012

Travel and Photography

I am a firm believer that travel and culture make you a more well rounded actress and person.  I love to see new parts of the world, and meeting new people.  I took a month off to travel- exploring England, Wales, Ireland, and Italy.  Here is photo I took in Venice.

I have taken up photography as a hobby!  Check out the "fun" tab to see a few photos!

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