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"In a bit of a marvelous innovation, Weber has cast Mandy Modic as Young Norma, a silent dancer with the revolutionary grace of Isadora Duncan and sultry innocence of Clara Bow"       

- Chicago Sun Times
   "Sunset Boulevard"

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Reviews-

"...Mandy Modic’s polished-to-perfection choreography."   
-Smithtown Matters
"The choreography in each musical number was unique and exquisitely executed."  -The Theater Guide

Recent/Current Projects

Commercial/Print:  Seagrams Escapes


Industrial: Blue Cross Blue Shield

Theater: performing in Wizard of OZ at Marriott Theatre

Directing: Lion King JR with Skyline Studios

Choreography: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at Engeman Theater in NY

Upcoming Projects

Choreographing : The Sound of Music at the Engeman Theatre in NY

Choreographing: State Fair at Arrow Rock Theater in MO

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